Inspired by a name that recalls a colonial past in which the West confronts the "Orient," the reclaiming of the word Annam here—a reference to modern day Vietnam derived from French colonials—is a way to find the intersection between the traditional and the contemporary. While globally conscious lives send us speeding forward, a past still lingers. This hearkening to the past, where native cultures bear on our present, is a way to acknowledge our complex history and our inevitable movement towards tomorrow.

     At Annam Clothier we explore history and traditions through our attention to textiles. How something is made, where it is made, and whom it is made by is important, relevant, and meaningful for us. The minority people of Vietnam, for example, weave their stories into the textiles they create. Texture, color, movement, flow, weave—these characteristics of textiles are at the center of each piece of our clothing line.