Silks are central to Vietnamese textiles, dating back many centuries. There are a wide variety of silks used in our clothing: Dupioni, Shantung, Tussah and the thin, delicate, flowing variety called Ha Dong silk. We work with local villagers, who continue to weave and dye using traditional looms and methods passed on from generation to generation

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Handwoven hemp, rare and labor-intensive, is one of the most important traditions for the minority people of Vietnam. We work closely with local artisans to create the textures that retain natural characteristics in order to produce unique, one-of-kind garments. The hemp we use is untreated and organic. We work with the hemp straight off the weaving looms, giving the fabric a distinct “ raw “ quality.

Indigo is also another hallmark of Annam. The indigo dyeing tradition spans many different countries in southeast Asia. Our version pays homage, once again, to the work of the minority peoples in the Sapa region of northern Vietnam…Again, we believe in respecting the handmade tradition, so our garments have the stamp of a history and the people. We love that the imprint of the maker is on the garment in such unique way.



Due to the nature of the fabric & wash, each garment has its own unique appearance.


Aucun vêtement n'est indentique en raison des techniques spéciales de fabrication.